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DOC Mobile Partitions by Best-Rite
$595.00 - $1,100.00
See 18 Models
RECLAIM Desktop Privacy Panels by Luxor
Prices start at $165.00
See 1 Models
RECLAIM Acoustic Room Dividers by Luxor
$205.00 - $575.00
See 2 Models
Desktop Privacy Panels by Best-Rite
$235.00 - $350.00
See 6 Models
Divvy DOC Partitions
$1,600.00 - $1,740.00
See 2 Models
Preschool Room Dividers by Best-Rite
$390.00 - $520.00
See 9 Models

Room partitions & room dividers create instant classrooms or meeting areas. Compact when folded, yet expandable to various lengths. Select from freestanding and wall-mounted room dividers in a variety of heights and colors. We also offer portable partitions that have wheels for easy transport.

If you have questions or need help picking out the right room partition or room divider for your school, please call us at 800-232-2979. We’ll be happy to assist you.