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Preschool Dividers are the ideal portable panel and room divider for any early childhood environment. Use the double sided panels as room dividers, acoustical shields, storyboard displays, or to exhibit artwork. Join dividers together to create private learning areas or to divide rooms into activity areas. Lightweight panel and wide base design create stability. Panels include four 2" casters (two locking).


  • Use panels to create private learning areas, to exhibit artwork, or to separate work spaces
  • Lightweight panel and wide base design create stability
  • Panels include four 2" casters (two locking)
  • Surface Materials: Whiteboard and Vinyl
Item Pricing ModelSurfaceDimensions
View 800063 $410.00  646DVinyl/Vinyl4'W x 4'H
View 800064 $420.00  646FVinyl/Vinyl5'W x 4'H
View 800065 $480.00  646GVinyl/Vinyl6'W x 4'H
View 800073 $425.00  648DWhiteboard/Vinyl4'W x 4'H
View 800074 $460.00  648FWhiteboard/Vinyl5'W x 4'H
View 800075 $505.00  648GWhiteboard/Vinyl6'W x 4'H
View 800083 $390.00  650DWhiteboard/Whiteboard4'W x 4'H
View 800084 $445.00  650FWhiteboard/Whiteboard5'W x 4'H
View 800085 $520.00  650GWhiteboard/Whiteboard6'W x 4'H