Lecterns & Podiums used in schools vary greatly depending upon the technological needs of the school. Some of the optional features available with our Lecterns & Podiums include a microphone, microphone stand, wireless headset microphone, speakers and rechargeable battery. Our selection of Lecterns & Podiums include simple models without any special features, to multimedia Lecterns & Podiums with storage space and electrical connections for audio visual equipment. Choose from mobile, pneumatic, height adjustable, multimedia and traditional models.

If you have a question or need help choosing the Lectern or Podium that is right for you, please call us at 800-232-2979.
Balt Trend Podium II
Prices Start At
$1,165.25 $900.00 Item# 674456
OKS Floor Lectern 600 Series
Prices Start At
$511.95 $365.00 Item# 470211
OKS Orator Lectern
Prices Start At
$1,444.00 $1,060.00 Item# 470201
OKS Power Plus Floor Lectern
Prices Start At
$1,027.53 $765.00 Item# 470301
OKS Vision Lectern
Prices Start At
$428.09 $305.00 Item# 470501
OKS Vision Presentation Lectern with 15
Prices Start At
$883.68 $595.00 Item# 470503
OKS Multimedia Lectern Cart
Prices Start At
$664.34 $470.00 Item# 470420
Smith System 04619 Tabletop Lectern
Prices Start At
$155.00 Item# 600014
Lectern / Podium Accessories
4 Styles Available