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Divide, organize, customize, and modernize! With the ultra stylish multi-panel Divvy DOC Room Dividers, you can add instant color, texture, and functional whiteboard to any space in a truly unique ready-to-roll room divider. These mobile double-sided dividers include a variety of attractive and colorful surfaces to add style and function to any environment while also offering privacy, acoustic shielding, and easy configuration. The panels are trimmed in specially designed anodized aluminum. The leg design minimizes gapping. Locking casters keep the partition in place.


  • Adds instant color, texture, and functional whiteboard
  • Mobile double-sided divider
  • Trimmed in anodized aluminum
  • Includes locking casters
Item Pricing ModelConfigurationDimensions
View 803221 $1,600.00  661DG-L2Standard70"W x 58"H
View 803222 $1,740.00  661DG-L3Balanced70"W x 58"H