Collaborative learning has become the new standard in K-12 education. Get your classroom up to speed with this extensive collection of modular desks that encourage teamwork in the education environment. ACP Direct offers the leading manufacturers of the industry, including Virco and Smith System.

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Economy Shapes Desk
Prices Start At
$232.00 $130.00 Item# 672605
Huddle Desks by Smith System
$135.00 - $145.00
See 3 Models
Interchange Diamond Desk Bundles by Smith System
$679.95 - $689.95
See 1 Models
3-2-1 Desk by Smith System
$185.00 - $215.00
See 2 Models
Wing Desks by Smith System
$159.95 - $199.95
See 2 Models
Interchange Diamond Desks by Smith System
$140.00 - $215.00
See 4 Models
Cloud Desk
$300.00 - $345.00
See 2 Models
Balt Collaborative Desks
12 Styles Available