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These bundles include 10-Device Modular Charging Cabinets for Chromebooks and Tablets with carts and push handles for common configurations.

The 10-device modular cabinet provides effecient storage and organization for 10 devices. Keep your excess cable slack and power bricks organized in the top power-strip drawer.


  • Each cabinet stores up to ten 13" laptops or tablets with padded storage slots
  • Movable divider fins allow for two options of slot width: 1.25"W or 0.6"W
  • Locking front door and ventilated sides
  • Utilize the included thumb screws to secure cabinets to each other when vertically stacked and transporting on carts
  • Cabinets are bundled with dolly carts for easy mobility


  • Overall Cabinet Dimensions: 15"W x 15"D x 16.75"H
  • Device Slot Dimensions: 1.25"W (or 0.6"W) x 11"D x 9"H
  • Drawer Dimensions: 12" W x 13" D x 3.75" H
Item Pricing Device CapacityBundle Contents
View 721943 $565.00  20 Devices2x Cabinets + Cart
View 721944 $880.00  30 Devices3x Cabinets + Cart + Push Handle
View 721945 $1,175.00  40 Devices4x Cabinets + Double-wide Cart + Push Handle