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This modular cabinet provides effecient storage and organization for 10 devices. Keep your excess cable slack and power bricks organized in the top power-strip drawer. Carts and wall brackets are available to make your cabinets easily mobile or secured in place.

We also have Bundles of Modular Charging Cabinets for Chromebooks and Tablets available for easier purchasing!


  • Each cabinet stores up to ten 13" laptops or tablets with padded storage slots
  • includes 2x 5-outlet power strips with 5.5' cord (UL/cUL-listed) in the top drawer
  • Movable divider fins allow for two options of slot width: 1.25"W or 0.6"W
  • Locking front door and ventilated sides
  • Cabinets can be stored on shelves, mounted on walls, or mounted to dolly carts for easy mobility
  • Utilize the included thumb screws to secure cabinets to each other when vertically stacked and transporting on carts


  • Overall Cabinet Dimensions: 15"W x 15"D x 16.75"H
  • Device Slot Dimensions: 1.25"W (or 0.6"W) x 11"D x 9"H
  • Drawer Dimensions: 12" W x 13" D x 3.75" H

Accessories Available

  • Single cart can hold up to 3x cabinets (single cart includes a 4-outlet power strip, 10' cord)
  • Double cart can hold up to 4x cabinets (double cart includes 2x 4-outlet power strips, 10' cords)
  • Push handle available for carts for easier mobility
  • Wall mount bracket available to secure the cabinet to the wall