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These portable standing risers are ideal for standing events such as choir concerts or group pictures. Risers are sold in sets of 2, 3, or 4 platforms. Each platform is a separate frame that connects at the legs with other platforms. Each frame is constructed of 16 gauge steel with 14 gauge steel legs. Legs are equipped with spring-loaded hinges for opening/closing assistance. Mix and match straight or tapered units to create a rounded or semi-circle setups. Optional guard rails are recommended for safety.

Common Configurations
Straight Units
Tapered Units
Item Pricing Riser TypeRiser FloorRiser Level
View 531201 $770.00  StraightCarpeted2 Level
View 531202 $1,350.00  StraightCarpeted3 Level
View 531203 $1,780.00  StraightCarpeted4 Level
View 531207 $715.00  StraightHardboard2 Level
View 531208 $1,260.00  StraightHardboard3 Level
View 531209 $1,650.00  StraightHardboard4 Level
View 531204 $585.00  TaperedCarpeted2 Level
View 531205 $1,065.00  TaperedCarpeted3 Level
View 531206 $1,430.00  TaperedCarpeted4 Level
View 531210 $555.00  TaperedHardboard2 Level
View 531211 $1,025.00  TaperedHardboard3 Level
View 531212 $1,360.00  TaperedHardboard4 Level
View 531223 $200.00  Optional Guard Rails for 4-Level Straight Risers
View 531225 $170.00  Optional Guard Rails for 3-Level Tapered Risers
View 531226 $180.00  Optional Guard Rails for 4-Level Tapered Risers
View 531222 $190.00  Optional Guard Rails for 3-Level Straight Risers