Whether it’s a PTA meeting or a high school graduation, these event stages can be used for any assembly or ceremony.

Stage frames are constructed from 16 gauge steel that stand on 14 gauge steel legs. Each leg assembly is spring-loaded to assist in opening and closing. Stage tops have a premium grade plywood core with your choice of hardboard or carpet color.

Combine several platforms along with optional stage steps with matching carpet and skirting for a truly custom stage setup
Item Pricing Stage Material
View WB-531501 $312.00  Carpet
View WB-531502 $337.00  Carpet
View WB-531503 $351.00  Carpet
View WB-531504 $361.00  Carpet
View WB-531511 $435.00  Carpet
View WB-531512 $461.00  Carpet
View WB-531513 $471.00  Carpet
View WB-531514 $489.00  Carpet
View WB-531505 $236.00  Hardboard
View WB-531506 $248.00  Hardboard
View WB-531507 $258.00  Hardboard
View WB-531508 $265.00  Hardboard
View WB-531515 $312.00  Hardboard
View WB-531516 $355.00  Hardboard
View WB-531517 $355.00  Hardboard
View WB-531518 $374.00  Hardboard