The attractive Outdoor Headline Bulletin Board Cabinet adds versatile and secure display space to virtually any environment. Its heavy duty aluminum trim frames a 1.5" internal depth. This cabinet should be mounted beneath an overhang or in a semi-enclosed space.


  • Versatile and secure display space
  • Heavy duty aluminum trim
  • Includes a 6" headline panel
Item Pricing ModelDoorsTrim ColorDimensions
View 803741 $449.95  94PC1-OH1 DoorCoffee36"W x 36"H
View 803743 $514.95  94PCC-OH2 DoorsCoffee48"W x 36"H
View 803744 $694.95  94PCE-OH2 DoorsCoffee60"W x 36"H
View 803742 $859.95  94PC2-OH3 DoorsCoffee72"W x 36"H
View 803745 $954.95  94PCG-OH3 DoorsCoffee72"W x 48"H
View 803746 $1,104.95  94PCH-OH3 DoorsCoffee96"W x 48"H
View 803747 $414.95  94PS1-OH1 DoorSilver36"W x 36"H