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The unique Oodle stool by Smith System features three cylinder-shaped components that are each 17 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches high. Use each of these components individually or stack them for a higher stool. A separate, floor-facing disc allows the stool to either rock in 10 multidirectional degrees or sit flat on the floor. A sturdy rotation lock keeps the stack-and-lock system securely fastened.

Oodles are ordered in one color. Choose from 5 available colors. To mix and match, order multiple sets of Oodles.


  • Includes three 6.5" high sections and one rocker base
  • Gives the student or the educator the choice of active seating or static seating with a 180° flip of the rocker base
  • 17" diameter seating surface
  • Oodles are ordered in one color, order multiple sets in a variety of colors if you want to mix and match
  • To stack Oodles, simply rotate each component to lock it into place
  • Greenguard Gold Certified
Item Pricing ModelDescription
View 604101 $129.95  OODLE313 Cylinders + 1 Rocker Base
View 604102 $159.95  OODLE333 Cylinders + 3 Rocker Bases
View 604103 $19.95  Smith System OODLEBASECGR Oodle Rocker Base
View 604104 $9.95  Smith System OODLEFELT Oodle Felt Adhesive Pad for Rocker Base