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The Hierarchy Mobile Chair is a colorful and flexible solution for stimulating focus and motivation in your learning environment. The flexible and ergonomical design provides lumbar support for comfort and easy position changes. Available with hard casters or soft casters to complement your flooring type. Choose from 9 colors for the chair shell and 2 colors for the leg frame.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Available in 2 caster types: Hard Casters are for carpet floors, and Soft Casters are for hardwood, tile, and other hard flooring
  • Vibrant color choices to stimulate focus and motivation in any learning environment
  • Flexible and ergonomically shaped seat with lumbar support for easy position changes, eliminating stagnant environments
  • Smooth reinforced back allows for flex action without sharp ridges
Item Pricing ModelCaster TypeSeat Height
View 673616 $140.00  54316-XXXX-NA-CH/PL-HCHard Casters16"H
View 673617 $145.00  54318-XXXX-NA-CH/PL-HCHard Casters18"H
View 673618 $150.00  54316-XXXX-NA-CH/PL-SCSoft Casters16"H
View 673619 $155.00  54318-XXXX-NA-CH/PL-SCSoft Casters18"H