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These heavy-duty outdoor enclosed bulletin-board cabinets by Best-Rite are trimmed in silver aluminum frames with a 1.5" internal depth. Locking hinged doors protect items on display and feature piano hinges to prevent pinched fingers. Available in one to three panel widths, with either natural cork or vinyl tackboard display surface.


  • Add versatile display space to virtually any environment
  • Heavy-duty trim frames a 1.5" internal depth
  • Locking door features concealed hinges and shatter-resistant clear acrylic panels
  • Cabinet should be mounted beneath an overhang or in a semi-enclosed space
Item Pricing ModelDoorsDimensions
View 804001 $290.00  94PSB-OOne24"W x 36"H
View 804002 $315.00  94PSU-OOne30"W x 36"H
View 804003 $435.00  94PSC-OTwo48"W x 36"H
View 804004 $595.00  94PSE-OTwo60"W x 36"H
View 804005 $680.00  94PS2-OThree72"W x 36"H
View 804006 $770.00  94PSG-OThree72"W x 48"H
View 804007 $1,050.00  94PSH-OThree96"W x 48"H