This durable and attractive cabinet provides easy and secure display space. The Deluxe Bulletin Board Cabinet has a heavy-duty, anodized aluminum trim that frames a 2" internal depth. It has locking doors that protect items on display and prevent tampering.


  • Durable, attractive, and secure display space
  • Heavy-duty, anodized aluminum trim
Item Pricing ModelDoorsDimensions
View 801733 $349.95  95HAV1 Hinged Door3'W x 3'H
View 801735 $494.95  95HAC2 Hinged Door4'W x 3'H
View 801736 $594.95  95HAD2 Hinged Door4'W x 4'H
View 801738 $694.95  95HAF2 Hinged Door5'W x 4'H
View 801740 $784.95  95HAG2 Hinged Door6'W x 4'H
View 801734 $404.95  95SAC2 Sliding Doors4'W x 3'H
View 801744 $524.95  95SAE2 Sliding Doors5'W x 3'H
View 801737 $604.95  95SAF2 Sliding Doors5'W x 4'H
View 801739 $704.95  95SAG2 Sliding Doors6'W x 4'H
View 801741 $1,139.95  95HAH4 Hinged Doors8'W x 4'H
View 801742 $1,339.95  95HAK4 Hinged Doors10'W x 4'H
View 801743 $1,519.95  95HAM4 Hinged Doors12'W x 4'H