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Empower students to think, create, and do with MooreCo’s Compass Makerspace Tables. These tables encourage students to embark on a journey of discovery. Choose from chair height (29”H), stool height (36”H), or standing height (42”H) tables and a variety of table top sizes to best suit your needs and space.

These models feature a solid wood Butcher Block top which is beautiful and makes a quieter and more forgiving work surface. The models with Butcher Block tops are .6” taller than the models with high-pressure laminate tops.

Accessories are available to add storage and color to these tables. When you add side panels, you may also add an optional height adjustable storage shelf beneath your table top. Please note, the storage shelf attaches to the side panels and will not work without the side panels.


  • Designed to encourage students to foster active thinking, creating, and doing
  • Available in a variety of heights and table top sizes
  • Add color and storage options with available accessories
Item Pricing ModelHeightDimensions
View 676021 $1,315.00  91694-A-BUTCHERChair60"W x 30"D x 29.6"H
View 676022 $1,445.00  91694-B-BUTCHERChair72"W x 30"D x 29.6"H
View 676025 $1,040.00  91695-E-BUTCHERChair36"W x 36"D x 29.6"H
View 676023 $1,445.00  91694-C-BUTCHERChair60"W x 36"D x 29.6"H
View 676024 $1,640.00  91694-D-BUTCHERChair72"W x 36"D x 29.6"H
View 676061 $1,335.00  91715-A-BUTCHERStool60"W x 30"D x 36.6"H
View 676062 $1,465.00  91715-B-BUTCHERStool72"W x 30"D x 36.6"H
View 676065 $1,070.00  91714-E-BUTCHERStool36"W x 36"D x 36.6"H
View 676063 $1,465.00  91715-C-BUTCHERStool60"W x 36"D x 36.6"H
View 676064 $1,660.00  91715-D-BUTCHERStool72"W x 36"D x 36.6"H
View 676041 $1,355.00  91696-A-BUTCHERStanding60"W x 30"D x 42.6"H
View 676042 $1,485.00  91696-B-BUTCHERStanding72"W x 30"D x 42.6"H
View 676045 $1,095.00  91697-E-BUTCHERStanding36"W x 36"D x 42.6"H
View 676043 $1,485.00  91696-C-BUTCHERStanding60"W x 36"D x 42.6"H
View 676044 $1,685.00  91696-D-BUTCHERStanding72"W x 36"D x 42.6"H
View 676097 $130.00  52990 Compass Makerspace Table Side Panels (2 Pack) by Mooreco
View 676099 $190.00  91699 Compass Makerspace Shelves for 60"W & 70"W Table (2 Pack) by Mooreco
View 676098 $100.00  91698 Compass Makerspace Shelves for 36"W Table (2 Pack) by Mooreco