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The Wall Mount Display Case shows your collectibles and valuables with style. Features 3/16" thick tempered glass on three sides, allowing maximum viewability. Doors lock to help prevent tampering. Framed in elegant rounded black anodized aluminum Elite trim.


  • Provides an elegant and space saving way to display valuables
  • 3/16" thick tempered glass sides and top make items visible from all angles
  • The case includes sliding glass doors and a tamper-proof lock
Item Pricing ModelDimensions
View 802201 $1,685.00  90W8336"W x 16"D x 48"H
View 802202 $1,945.00  90W8448"W x 16"D x 48"H
View 802203 $2,195.00  90W8560"W x 16"D x 48"H
View 802204 $2,465.00  90W8672"W x 16"D x 48"H