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Tack-Bite paper holders are an innovative and safe way to display documents, posters, or pictures. The Tack-Bite paper holder features a unique roller system that provides a secure hold and quick release on papers without damaging them. Simply push in and lift out. Includes a natural cork tackable insert for even more versatility. The Tack-Bite paper holder has a ten year limited manufacturer's warranty. Sold in packs of 4 or 6.


  • Innovative and safe way to display documents
  • Display any paper without damaging it
  • Includes a natural cork tackable insert
  • Ten year limited manufacturer's warranty
Item Pricing ModelWidthSet Number
View 801561 $95.00  504-07"WPack of 6
View 801562 $105.00  504-112"WPack of 6
View 801563 $135.00  504-224"WPack of 6
View 801564 $175.00  504-336"WPack of 6
View 801565 $230.00  504-448"WPack of 6
View 801566 $315.00  504-672"WPack of 6
View 801567 $305.00  504-896"WPack of 4