Full-Size risers have deeper platforms than the Standing Choral Risers, allowing for chairs and stands for seated concerts and events. Full-size risers are standard with 3 separate platforms that fit snugly together. Guardrails are included for safety with straight riser sets. Pie-shaped risers allow you to add angles to your riser sets for semi-circle setups. See common configuration ideas below for stage setup examples. Choose from either sets of 36”D (Choral) or 48”D (Band) platforms.

Common Configuration Ideas
Item Pricing Riser FloorRiser Type
View Item WB-531307 $699.95  HardboardChoral Pie-Shaped
View Item WB-531303 $917.95  CarpetedChoral Pie-Shaped
View Item WB-531308 $949.95  HardboardBand Pie-Shaped
View Item WB-531304 $1,349.95  CarpetedBand Pie-Shaped
View Item WB-531305 $949.95  HardboardChoral
View Item WB-531301 $1,274.95  CarpetedChoral
View Item WB-531306 $1,299.95  HardboardBand
View Item WB-531302 $1,649.95  CarpetedBand