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The Tech Tub TEC601C from Copernicus is the ideal storage solution for teachers needing to easily transport a small number of Chromebooks from room to room. Device inserts accommodate up to 6 Chromebooks, and the included six-outlet powerbar charges the devices when not in use. Cable management pocket on the inside makes it easy to keep cords neat and organized. Additional cord management includes a rear grommet hole, rear cord winder, and velcro ties. Made from highly durable, heat resistant ABS plastic, the Tech Tub also features ventilation holes to ensure proper airflow and prevent device overheating.

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This Bundle Includes:

  • 5x Tech Tub 2 FTT700 6-Slot Charging Tubs


  • Keep up to 6 Chromebooks secured and charged per tub (30 devices total between the 5 tubs)
  • Lightweight and highly mobile, making it easy to take it with you from room to room
  • Includes a 6-outlet powerbar that sits in an integrated separate tray
  • Internal cord routing keeps cables neat and organized
  • Cord management includes rear grommet hole, cord winder, cord routing, and velcro ties (included)
  • Made from strong, heat resistant ABS plastic
  • Ventilation holes prevent overheating of devices and ensures proper airflow
  • Does not include locking block & pin (used for securing the tub to a table or cart)


  • Slot Dimensions: 9.1"W x 114"H x 1.1"T
  • Overall Dimensions: 12.5"W x 16"D x 16"H


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$109.00 Flat Rate Shipping Per Piece!

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