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Need a school headset for both computer sound cards and tablet devices? Get this popular dual-plug school headset model bundled with an adapter to convert it's dual plug to a single plug that will work with any single jack device. Many schools still have a mixed fleet of old and new devices so we created this bundle so you can use the same headsets with multiple types of device inputs.

The popular Labsonic LS9000MC-21P-6 School Headset with Single Plug Adapter is the right choice for classrooms that need both dual-plug and single-plug applications, such as Desktop PCs (dual-plug) as well as tablets (single-plug).

The LS9000MC Classroom Headset is designed and built to endure heavy use in the classroom and testing environments. It is also a very comfortable headphone to wear, even for extended periods of time. A good choice for price and performance. Labsonic is known for the highest quality, best warrantied, and economically priced headphones & headsets in K-12 education.


  • Built to endure heavy use in the classroom and testing environments
  • Premium leatherette headband provides comfort during extended use, such as testing
  • Extendable frame fits all age ranges
  • Ergonomically designed with over-the-ear style earcups and leatherette earpads for all day comfort and concentration
  • Microphone rotates up out of the way when not in use. Flexible stem allows for proper positioning in front of the user.
  • Microphone circuitry designed for clarity in noisy test environments
  • The new Dura-Tuff™ cord is a braided nylon cord that is jacketed with a clear plastic sleeve to insure maximum durability and strongly resist chewing and kink damage
  • Reinforced entry points at ear cup, plugs, and controllers resist stress separation and damage
  • Tethered cord wrap makes for easy cable management and tidy cord length adjustments


  • Adapter Converts Dual Plug to Single Plug
  • Design: Full Size, Over-ear
  • Speaker Driver: 40mm
  • Microphone: Uni-Directional Cardioid
  • Ear Cushions: Premium Leatherette
  • Cord: 7 foot Dura-Tuff™
  • Plug: Dual 3.5mm Plugs (Stereo Audio Plug & Mic Plug)
    includes A21P-6 adapter to convert to a Single 3.5mm Plug
    for Audio and Mic (TRRS)
  • Volume Control: In-Line, On Cord
  • Warranty: 3 Year


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500+$13.45 ea.
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