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The popular Labsonic LS5750 Deluxe Stereo Headset now comes in a tablet-ready model. The LS5750-M comes with a 35TRRSM adapter that works with any single jack tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices including: iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, iOS®, Android®, Kindle®, Kindle Fire®, Galaxy, Kuno, Kineo, and many more! Remove the adapter to use the headset where separate headphone and mic jacks are required (i.e. computers, tape recorders, etc.). The tablet-ready LS5750-M is built to withstand the rigors of classroom use, with stereo audio quality that rivals high-end consumer models at a fraction of the cost. High-quality sound is produced from the 57mm drivers that create well-defined treble and deep bass response. The headset also features a flexible metal boom mic with noise-cancelling circuitry to reduce external sounds when speaking into the microphone. Adjustable headband is comfortable for students of all sizes, and around-the-ear leatherette earpads provide comfort and reduce outside ambient noise. Cable features inline volume control and two gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plugs (one for the headphone and one for the microphone), and works with any computer or boombox with both a headphone and microphone 3.5mm input jack. And with the included adapter, you can now plug in the LS5750 to any single-jack tablet, smartphone or other mobile device.

  • The included 35TRRSM adapter allows you to use this headset with any single-jack tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device
  • Built rugged for the classroom environment.
  • 57mm drivers produce well defined treble and deep bass.
  • Boom microphone is constructed of flexible metal and contains noise-canceling circuitry.
  • Adjustable headband comfortably fits students of all sizes.
  • Comfortable around-the-ear leatherette earpads reduce ambient noise.
  • Two gold-plated 3.5mm plugs for headphone and microphone
  • With the adapter removed, the headset will work with any computer that has both a 3.5mm headphone and microphone jack.


1+$12.95 ea.
25+$11.95 ea.
100+$11.45 ea.
500+$10.95 ea.

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