We have many different styles of computer tables for you to choose from.  Whether you need an adjustable height table for different age groups, split level computer tables for optimum monitor viewing, intelligent cord management, mobility and storage capabilities, or a basic economical design, we are sure you can find the perfect computer table for your classroom or computer lab from our selection below. 


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Planner Lab Computer Tables by Smith System
$325.00 - $545.00
See 11 Models
Access Computer Tables by Smith System
$395.00 - $740.00
See 16 Models
1500 Series Computer Tables by Smith Carrel
$290.00 - $555.00
See 14 Models
Adjustable Height Flip-Up Table by Luxor
$590.00 - $620.00
See 2 Models
Fixed Height Flipper Tables by Balt
$545.00 - $670.00
See 2 Models
Balt Lap Jr Laptop Stand
Prices Start At
$127.00 $115.00 Item# 673261
Balt Adjustable Up-Rite Workstation
Prices Start At
$440.00 $345.00 ends 12/17/2022 Item# 671202
Smith System Planner Cluster Computer Table
Prices Start At
$605.00 Item# 600801
Essentials Economy Flipper Tables by Balt
$415.00 - $480.00
See 2 Models
Height Adjustable Flipper Tables by Mooreco
$370.00 - $520.00
See 4 Models