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Protect your students, staff, and customers from the spread of germs with the Clarity Desktop Dividers. They are available in three different configurations to suit your worktop needs: edge clamp for mounting on the edge of the worktop, center clamp to divide a worktop for more than one user, or freestanding to mount wherever needed on the worktop. Use more than one to create dividers on each side of a table.

The Clarity Desktop Dividers are ideal for use in classrooms, offices or any customer-facing applications. The powder-coated aluminum mounts feature a rubber pad to protect surfaces. The freestanding models include double tape mounting option.

These acrylic panels are 24” high and are available in multiple widths from 23” to72” to fit virtually any worktop up to 1.6” thick. Mix and match sizes and configurations to suit your workspaces.


  • Ideal for use in classrooms, offices, or any place where people need to work together closely
  • Protect students, staff, and customers from the spread of germs without obstructing their view
  • Available in three different configurations: edge clamp, center clamp, or freestanding
  • 24”H and available in a variety of widths
  • Mix and match sizes and configurations to best suit your workspace
  • Clamps work on tabletop thicknesses up to 1.6” thick
Item Pricing ModelConfigurationDimensions
View 676101 $94.95  45258Edge Clamp23"W x 24"H
View 676102 $104.95  45259Edge Clamp29"W x 24"H
View 676103 $149.95  45260Edge Clamp60"W x 24"H
View 676104 $179.95  45261Edge Clamp72"W x 24"H
View 676115 $94.95  45262Center Clamp23"W x 24"H
View 676116 $99.95  45263Center Clamp29"W x 24"H
View 676117 $144.95  45264Center Clamp60"W x 24"H
View 676118 $174.95  45265Center Clamp72"W x 24"H
View 676130 $89.95  45266Freestanding23"W x 24"H
View 676131 $99.95  45267Freestanding29"W x 24"H
View 676132 $144.95  45268Freestanding60"W x 24"H
View 676133 $174.95  45269Freestanding72"W x 24"H