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Labsonic LS275 Headphone Labsonic Stereo Cord with Volumne Control Califone 1886 Boombox Labsonic JB8S Jackbox Listening Center in Library Setting

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We have bundled the Califone 1886 Boombox with Labsonic LS275 Stereo Headphones and the JB8S jackbox. It has features that makes it ideal for literacy, ELD, ESL and other language learning activities, read along in classroom and library settings. This is the perfect multimedia set up for groups of up to eight students for reading and other language learning programs.


Bundle includes:
  • Califone 1886 Spirit Boombox
  • Labsonic 8 Positon 3.5mm Jackbox
  • Six Labsonic LS275 Stereo Headphones


Boombox Description and Specifications

The 1886 Spirit Boombox brings new technology into the classroom with its built-in SD card slot and USB port, allowing the Spirit™ to work with the latest formats and connect with the latest media players. It also has all the features of the classic classroom boombox: CD player, cassette player/recorder, & AM-FM radio. Top-mounted 3.5mm headphone jack is designed for individual use or to connect to a jackbox for group learning activities. Built-in microphone for recording student responses and projects directly to cassette. Made from shatterproof ABS plastic to withstand the rigors of daily classroom use, and features steel grills that prevent accidental damage to the recessed speakers. This is the perfect multimedia player for group or individual reading activities, literacy, ELD, ESL, and other language learning programs.

Headphone Description and Specifications

The Labsonic LS275 model is a mid-sized headphone for students that is very popular with schools across the country. Its classic design is both attractive and durable. It has great sound quality for its economical price point. Designed and built to last in the classroom environment. Premium leatherette ear pads last longer than foam and are comfortable during long periods of use. The high quality 34mm drivers provide big sound without the big headband! Volume control on cord allow for easy volume changes without adjusting your device’s audio settings Labsonic is known for the highest quality, best warrantied, and economically priced student headphones & headsets in K-12 education.

Jackbox Description and Specifications

Use your devices as a learning center with up to eight children. The JB8S jackboxes has eight 3.5mm jacks It is made with precision, high quality silver contact point jacks. These jacks were designed & manufactured with the low impedance required to drive quality sound to up to eight 3.5mm headphones.


(Purple & Yellow color
backordered to 07/12/2024)


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