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The Califone 3060AV stereo headphone are perfect for today's classrooms, computer labs, and libraries. These headphones feature a fully-adjustable headband, ambient noise reducing earcups, and an durable, reinforced 3.5mm mini cord that connects to media players and computers. The permanently attached 3.5mm cord with in-line volume control lets each student listen at their own volume preference. The 8ft straight cord resists tangling with other cords, is long enough to reach the rear of a computer, and has reinforced connections to resist accidental pull-out. Comfortable leatherette ear cushions ensure long-lasting comfort throughout the school day.
  • Fully adjustable, lightweight plastic headband
  • Ambient, noise-reducing earcups allow for better concentration, and protect ears from harmful loud volumes
  • In-line volume control for personalized preferences
  • Reinforced cord connections resists tampering and accidental pull-out
  • 8ft straight cord resists tangling
  • Sound Drivers: 27mm cobalt drivers
  • Cord: 8 ft. reinforced cord with attached volume control
  • Plug: Single 3.5mm nickel plated plug
  • Earpads: Replaceable, leatherette ear cushions
  • Headphone: Headphone manufactured by Califone
  • Color: Beige
  • Warranty: 90 Days





3.5mm Stereo Mini to 1/4 Standard Stereo Plug
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