Tablet charging stations provide an economical way to keep all your devices charged and ready for use in your class.

If you have questions or need help to decide which tablet charging station is best for your device or mix of devices please call us at 800-232-2979.

Wheel-IT Open Chromebook/Tablet Charging Cart
$240.00 - $375.00
See 2 Models
12-Slot Tabletop Device Charging Station
Prices Start At
$205.00 Item# 721972
Luxor LuxPower Mobile Adjustable Height Charging Tower
Prices Start At
$360.00 Item# 721971
Power Tower for Collaborative Desks
Prices start at $440.00
See 1 Models
KwikBoost EdgePower by Luxor
8 Styles Available
Balt AC/USB Power Strip with Clamp Mount
Prices Start At
$67.00 Item# 670020