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Need a school headset for both computer sound cards and tablet devices? Get this popular dual-plug school headset model bundled with an adapter to convert it's dual plug to a single plug that will work with any single jack device. Many schools still have a mixed fleet of old and new devices so we created this bundle so you can use the same headsets with multiple types of device inputs.

The popular Learner LNR66 School Headset with Single Plug Adapter is the right choice for classrooms that need both dual-plug and single-plug applications, such as Desktop PCs (dual-plug) as well as tablets (single-plug). Other single-plug devices include: iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, iOS®, Android®, Kindle®, Kindle Fire®, Galaxy, Kuno, Kineo, and many more! Remove the adapter to use the headset where separate headphone and mic jacks are required (i.e. desktop PCs, tape recorders, etc).

The Learner LNR66 Classroom Headset is one of the most popular full sized headsets in K-12 Education. This style and build has been a staple in K-12 computer and language labs. They have been approved and specified by districts, large and small, for various testing initiatives. It is currently the highest quality, lowest priced headset of its kind.


  • Included 35TRRSM adapter combines the LNR66 dual-plug to a single-plug for audio and microphone, allowing for use with tablets and other single-jack devices
  • Made with ABS plastic to endure the rigors of the classroom environment
  • Adjustable headband with leatherette strap for added comfort
  • Unique headband design allows for adjustments that comfortably fit the smallest Pre-K students to the largest adults
  • Vinyl earpads are comfortable and easy to sanitize
  • Volume control knob located on left earcup
  • Durable flexible steel microphone boom allows students to adjust the microphone directly in front of their mouth
  • Heavy-duty microphone is designed for clarity in noisy test environments
  • Use the permanently attached cord wrap to avoid a “rats nest” of cables when storing your headphones


  • Adapter Converts Dual Plug to Single Plug
  • Design: Full Size, Over-ear
  • Speaker Driver: 40mm
  • Microphone: Uni-Directional Cardioid
  • Ear Cushions: Vinyl
  • Cord: 6 foot
  • Plug: Dual 3.5mm Plugs (Stereo Audio Plug & Mic Plug)
    includes 35TRRSM adapter to convert to a Single 3.5mm Plug
    for Audio and Mic (TRRS)
  • Volume Control: On Ear Cup
  • Warranty: 3 Year