According to the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics, children over the age of 2 should wear face masks in public,especially in situations where physical distancing is difficult. Protect children better with kids' size disposable face masks. Built for durability, functionality, and comfort, these masks provide a better fit, stay on longer, so kids are better protected.


  • Protect children better with these kids' size disposable face masks
  • Built for durability, functionality, and comfort
  • These masks fit better and stay on longer than masks not made for children
  • FDA Approved
  • High Filtration Performance and Effectiveness: This FDA/CE-Approved mask provides PFE/BFE/VFE filtration efficiency of over 99%
  • Provides three layers of protection
  • Premium Quality: these masks are light and breathable making it comfortable to wear
  • Scientifically proven to efficiently prevent dust and protect from 99.9% of bacteria
  • Elastic and wide enough to cover nose and mouth and fits most kids' face shapes
Item Pricing ModelNumber of Masks
View HAM-S99C $56.95  S99C50
View HAM-S99CM $1,499.95  S99CM3,000