These Balt Computer Height Adjustable Flipper Tables are ideal for use in computer labs, and can also be used as conference room tables, or training room tables. Front lever mechanism flips the table top up, which allow the tables to nest together for an easy transport and storage solution.

Item Pricing ModelShapeDimensions
View 674701 $265.00  90185; 90035Rectangle60"W x 24"D x 24.25"-32.75"H
View 674702 $295.00  90187; 90036Rectangle72"W x 24"D x 24.25"-32.75"H
View 674703 $210.00  90183; 90037Half Round48"W x 24"D x 24.25"-32.75"H
View 674705 $310.00  90325; 90328Rectangle72"W x 24"D x 28.5"-45"H
View 674706 $240.00  90323; 90326Half Round48"W x 24"D x 28.5"-45"H