Divide, Organize, and Combine with the DOC Mobile Partitions. Contemporary leg design allows panels to dock without parts overlapping, and with minimal gaps. Gang several panels together with included ganging connectors to create different setups. Panels are available in three different sizes with a variety of surfaces. Optional Plastic Tray Set allows for easy storage of paper, markers, and erasers.
Item Pricing Surface Type
View WB-800301 $520.00  Porcelain (both sides)
View WB-800302 $405.00  Laminate (both sides)
View WB-800303 $475.00  Porcelain / Natural Cork
View WB-800304 $421.95  Porcelain / Hook & Loop
View WB-800305 $435.00  Laminate / Natural Cork
View WB-800306 $316.95  Laminate / Hook & Loop
View WB-800307 $720.00  Porcelain (both sides)
View WB-800308 $500.00  Laminate (both sides)
View WB-800309 $620.00  Porcelain / Natural Cork
View WB-800310 $555.95  Porcelain / Hook & Loop
View WB-800311 $540.00  Laminate / Natural Cork
View WB-800312 $387.95  Laminate / Hook & Loop
View WB-800313 $850.00  Porcelain (both sides)
View WB-800314 $570.00  Laminate (both sides)
View WB-800315 $760.00  Porcelain / Natural Cork
View WB-800316 $679.95  Porcelain / Hook & Loop
View WB-800317 $640.00  Laminate / Natural Cork
View WB-800318 $463.95  Laminate / Hook & Loop