A computer workstation is a type of desk that is specifically designed for use with a computer. Computer workstations have room on the work surface for a keyboard or have a keyboard tray. They also provide sufficient desk space for a computer monitor and may have enough surface space for writing or for books. Most computer workstations are available with a monitor shelf and grommet holes for routing cables. These features are integrated into the design of the workstation, making it easier to hook up a computer, while providing a neat work space.

Computer workstations come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Fully recessed monitor workstations are single student desks that are usually configured in rows and are designed to house a computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard while still enabling students to have a large work surface. These workstations also provide a certain amount of protection from damage to the computer. Rolling lectern style computer workstations provide just enough desk top surface for a laptop computer, mouse and data projector. Pneumatic stand-up style computer workstations are also usually just big enough for an average sized computer. ADA computer workstations are specially designed for students in wheel chairs, but are also useful when a flexible computer workstation is needed for students of varying sizes.

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Luxor 31.5
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Up-Rite Standing Mobile Workstation
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