The educator's standard for listening centers, ELL, ELD and other language learning activities.

The Califone 2924AV Deluxe Monoaural Headphone is a longstanding teacher favorite (and student-tested) classroom headphone ideal for language labs, computer labs and libraries. Rugged plastic headband is adjustable to fit students of all sizes. Ambient noise-reducing earcups help block out external sounds so that the headphone volume level does not need to be as high, helping to protect student hearing. Earcups also feature slotted baffles to help prevent access to the inner speakers, protecting them from accidental puncture and prying fingers. Replaceable 6ft straight cord with monoaural 1/4" plug makes it a versatile classroom, language lab, or library headphone. Replaceable, cleanable vinyl ear cushions are ideal for maintaining a sanitary classroom for multiple users.

  • Adjustable headband with comfort strap fits children and adults
  • Replaceable cleanable vinyl ear cushions
  • Around-the-ear earpads reduce ambient noise
  • Replaceable 6ft straight cord
  • Monoaural 1/4" plug
  • This plug will not work with standard computer sound jacks
  • Headband: Adjustable, ABS plastic
  • Earcups: Ambient noise-reducing earcups
  • Earpads: Replaceable vinyl ear cushions
  • Input Connection: 1/4" nickel-plated mono
  • Cord: Replaceable 6ft straight reinforced cord
  • Warranty: 2 years school, business, and government use
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Replacement Cord for  2924AV Headphones