For top quality audio on a budget, the Spirit Cassette / CD Listening Center offers outstanding stereo sound in a portable system.
Educator tested and proven in libraries and classrooms. Ideal for individual and group cassette / CD listening centers, music & story-time activities, literacy groups, ELD and ESL language applications.

CD / Cassette Listening Center:

1776 Spirit CD & Cassette Boom Box.
Stereo CD player, cassette player recorder.
AM/FM radio with four speakers loud enough for 40 students.
Permanently attached 5’ cord for classroom safety.
Individual volume controls for personalized preferences.
4 3068AV Stereo Headphones.
10 Position Stereo Jack Box (1210AVPS).
Foam-lined carry / storage case with extra room for recorded materials is ideal for itinerant teachers and roving AVcarts.
  • Cassette Player: Califone Spirit 1776 Player with 3" speaker, cassette and CD player/recorder, and can be powered by either AC power or 8 "C" batteries
  • Headphones: (4) Califone 3068AV Stereo/Mono Switchable Headphones
  • Jackbox: 10 position 1210AVPS jackbox


1+$199.95 ea.
10+$194.95 ea.

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