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The Beta Sit/Stand Workstation allows you to switch positions as you choose, improving your energy and efficiency throughout the day. Its mobile configuration brings with it flexibility. This cart can move easily through small doorways and over thresholds for collaborative meetings. The center post works as a hub for equipment shelves, monitor mounts, and CPU holder, each independently height adjustable. Cable management clips keep cords under control. The Beta Sit/Stand Card includes a single monitor mount for a monitor up to 22". Allows up to 35 degrees of tilt and 25 degrees of pan adjustment. Also includes angled laptop/keyboard shelf with a mouse platform that swivels beneath when not in use. Includes a CPU holder with two security straps, holding securely to a variety of CPU configurations.


  • Mobile and adjustable to fit any classroom or office
  • Sit/Stand configuration allows you to choose and change your working positions throughout the day
  • Includes a single monitor mount, laptop/keyboard shelf, swiveling mouse platform, CPU holder, and cable management clips


  • Cart Dimensions: 32"W x 33"D x 67"H
  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • Laptop/Keyboard Shelf Dimensions: 18.8"W x 13.8"D
  • Mouse Platform Dimensions: 6.3"W x 6.8"D


1+$500.00 ea.

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