Post your message in the great outdoors with confidence. The All Weather Herald outdoor bulletin board cabinet will protect your information from the elements. This bulletin board cabinet is perfect for parks and recreational areas, college campuses, stadiums, businesses, school entrances, restaurants, or any other outdoor spot. It features a protective acrylic window, anodized aluminum trim, steel back panel that is sealed with silicone, weather stripping on all door openings to prevent water from damaging the contents, and a virtually indestructible and moisture-resistant black Rubber-Tak back panel. The overall height of this cabinet is 8' for easy viewing. In-ground mounting is required.


  • Protects your information from all kinds of weather
  • Protective acrylic window
  • Anodized aluminum trim
  • Steel back panel
  • Seams are sealed with silicone
  • Weather stripping is included on all doors
  • Durable and moisture-resistant Rubber-Tak back panel
  • Five year limited manufacturer's warranty
Item Pricing ModelDoorsDimensions
View 803762 $849.95  94HAC-OP-RT2 Hinged Doors4'W x 3'H
View 803763 $734.95  94HACS-OP-RT1 Hinged Door3'W x 4'H
View 803764 $874.95  94HAD-OP-RT2 Hinged Doors4'W x 4'H
View 803765 $1,109.95  94HAF-OP-RT2 Hinged Doors5'W x 4'H