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School headphones for classroom use will have a different set of selection criteria than those used for home or portable use. There are so many types and styles to choose from that many educators find it difficult to choose the best school headphones for their classroom and computer lab students. ACP Direct has a large selection of Califone headphones, Telex headphones, and Labsonic headphones that are designed and built specifically for the classroom environment. Available in Stereo only models, Stereo and Mono switchable models, and Mono only models to meet the needs of all students. So if you're looking for quality school headphones that were selected and priced with your school in mind... you have found the right place! Our Califone, Telex and Labsonic headphones are the perfect choice. Want to know more about student headphones and their use in the classroom? Check out Helpful Information about Headphones.

Learner LNR72 Headphones Prices start at  $8.75
Learner LNR-3600 Single Plug Headset Prices start at  $11.95
Califone OH-4V Odyssey Stereo Headphones Prices start at  $24.95
Califone EH-3S Explorer Stereo Headphones w/o Volume Control Prices start at  $11.95
Califone DS-8V Discovery Stereo Headset with Microphone Prices start at  $49.95
Califone 610-44S Series Headphone - Stereo with 3.5mm Plug Prices start at  $11.25
Califone 610-44 Headphone - Mono with 3.5mm Plug Prices start at  $10.75
Disposable Headphone Covers (100pk) Prices start at  $12.95
Califone 3065AV Lightweight Personal Multimedia Headset Prices start at  $6.95
Califone 4100-USB Headset Prices start at  $32.99
Purchase orders accepted from public education & government institutions. We also accept government procurement cards.
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